Wednesday, 30 August 2006

Why can't we all just get along?

29 August - Got on the bike proper for the first time since the accident. Rode downtown and did some errands and in the afternoon headed over to North Sydney - had my first Mallacca Thai and Malay since my return and it was mmmm tasty. Met with Paul to dot some t's and cross some i's - all the paperwork seems to be going smoothly, the only issue is getting the 'other party' to abmit liability and i'm sure their lawyer is telling them to 'Admit Nothing!!' After seeing Paul rode down to Chatswood for coffee and cake with dad - I realised again how much I dislike chatswood but it was good to see the old gent. Having promised to assist someone with a transaction I rode back to the CBD and waited in Martin Place for the couriers to turn up. Whilst sitting with John from Avant a very irritable city dweller was ranting at us - apparently a courier had run a red light and hit him and then sped off. The offending courier had a beard and was an 'old c**t' - and if we didn’t rectify the problem he was going to smash up all the courier bikes in the city and if we didn't like it twenty of his Maori mates were going to come and beat up all the couriers. He rambled for about 20m before finally wandering off, promising his return at the hour of five and for his vengeance. Also, when I rode home down Broadway I found myself hugging the left hand side of the road, avoiding the transit lane because there was a bus ahead - got honked at twice by cars who didn’t like to share and as I hit the red light at Abercrombie I found both of them waitingfor me. I sidled up on the left only to have one of them turn left right up to the bus to cut me off. Well, if you're going to be like that i'll just go on the right hand side. Did that, brushing past a van (the other honker), only to find the first car trying to turn right into my path as well. He was already too far gone to take up the entire so I got past him easily but I had to listen to him swear 'why don't you leave the road to the cars, y'c**t' - I decided not to rise to the occasion but then the guy in the van got out of his car and shouted at me that i'd knocked his mirror going past and if I knew what was good for me i'd go back and fix it - he then tried to entice me into a game of fisticuffs but I didn't think it would be much of a fun game so I rode off into the sunset leaving the grumpy people to stew in their juices.
A few more adventures in the afternoon (events anyway) and headed out to the cinema to see Kenny - awesome, awesome, awesome - best australian movie I’ve seen in quite some years, sperbly acted and excellent documentary style direction - more than anything about it it would have to be the first movie i've seen where the na├»ve bumpkin australian reaction to the whacky exciting world of the USA didn’t make me want to throw up. Crocodile Dundee, Worlds Fastest Indian (kiwi, australian, whatever), The Dish (reaction to usa technology), that takeaway movie - all are guilty of embarassing the country despite their worthiness as entertaining films (a couple of them anyway). Worth seeing.

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