Tuesday, 8 August 2006

Are We Clear? 10-4

7 August - Finally after a over a year of waiting I got my big-ass sandwich again - dozens of substandard international attempts to recreate the sammich failed to live up to the expectation, was almost granted the experience a week ago but the unreliability and crappy communication skills of an ex-girlfriend denied me the pleasure ... In any event, despite going up a dollar over the past year and a small rotation of the fat italian mamas it was as good as I remembered and i'm happy. Whilst downtown got some directions from a couple of mail call couriers - Smokin' Joe (of the nice red velocity rims - which I was told to look out for by the chainring transit authority) told me how to find the BNP Paribas building and reminded me that nicknames are far more prevalent over here than in Vancouver - got a letter from the Sydney Aviation Medical Centre approving me for bike courier duties (they have a wide range of expertise) and killed a few hours reacquainting myself with the intricacies of the downtown shopping.
Also checked out my local trivia competition in the evening and was both pleased and disappointed to note its all round general crappiness for reasons that will be kept to myself for the time being. Any quiz show that forces you to watch any number of skits from Mad TV is a trivia to be avoided. In any event, it appears that my skillz are still in order because we won first place and I personally won two schooies and a bag of chips for the team. Are 'the Usurpers' going to become a force in the local trivia circuit - we shall see.

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