Saturday, 12 August 2006

One more for luck? I'm a genius, not a magician ...

10 August - A bit of a blank spot for the first half of the day but i'm sure I was reasonably productive with various errands and I also recall working on my looking skills by rewatching a fillum or two but there was nowt that really stuck out in my mind. Caught up with lovely Skye (let's tick another reunion off) out at Newtown and had a very nice chat - later on headed over to Ruthnade's for a trivia brainstorming session which could prove to be very fruitful but we won't know until we've got our proposal a bit more concreted but we really won't know until we get a chance to put it to the test. Slided back northwards via Samira's for a little whiskey which was probably not the wisest course after an afternoon of slowly falling into a wine bottle (and somehow falling into a cask, oh, the shame) but was VERY pleasant regardless.

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