Thursday, 24 August 2006

To Kill A Mockingbird

23 August - Woke up, got of bed forgettingthat i'd hurt my back the previous day and felt the waves of pain pulse through my entire body. Resolved to be more careful. First thing was call the boss to let him know the situation, wasn't really too impressed with his advice on how to deal with it but took the bike down to a few shops to try to get her functioning correctly before I start to function correctly. Different diagnoses from different mechanics, neither of them very good. Tried to call Ms Frew, yesterday's nemesis but found that the number I had for her only had 7 digits. Couldn’t get her number from the white pages and didn’t think she'd be calling me any time so got a little stressed. After meeting mum and dad for lunch - not the best Yum Cha i've ever eaten and rather disappointing dessert as well but the company was good, so net gain. After I left I headed to the police station, not to file a report but to try to find the correct phone number for the driver. The young cop (i can't believe i'm older than the police ... that's got to be a sign of age) managed to find them without too much trouble and called them to see if they would allow him to give me their number. He was very clear for the purpose of the call but the husband (not the driver) seemed to take it as an accusation because he immediately told the cop that yesterday's incident was my fault. We had a little chat and before I knew it the constable was telling me that I had to make a statement. After explaining the situation it semeed i'd convinced him that I was in the right (did have to assure him that riding between cars is legal) but didn’t offer much hope them being made accountable either. I really don't want to seem cavalier about my personal safety - I do ride carefully, I am concerned for my well being but sometimes things happen that can't be avoided (admittedly, there are things that happen that could have been prevented). As I wandered back home through pyrmont I needed to go to the toilet so dropped into Robbie's house to use the facilities and spent the rest of the afternoon there reconciling and doing whatever it is that brothers do when they see each other. Found myself at Yum cha again, much beter than the lunch version..

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