Monday, 28 August 2006

They're Coming

27 August - F**king PDA reset itself, lost all of my contacts and a bunch of scintillating drafts and worst of all, my list of what I should be googling and the films that I have yet to see. Damn you Lithium Ion battery, damn you all to hell. Ate some nice, albeit rather small, pancakes before setting off down Glebe Point Rd on my way to Gordon - as I passed the school an Asian woman me and with a rather unguessable accent asked me I could answer some questions for a survey. I looked at my wrist, indicating that I was in a rush but as I didn’t have a watchshe could only have concluded that I was in a rush to buy one. Only three questionsQ Oh well, fine.
What was the first thing you noticed about me? Um, you're a strange woman approaching me to complete a survey in Glebe. I ommitted the strange bit.
When did you last have a haircut? Easy, Wednesday.
Do you think that the people today work as hard as the people 50 years ago did? Absolutely and started a rant about how in my experience older people can be just as lazy, if not more so, than their youthful counterparts - I pulled myself in before questioning the iwalked 50miles in barefeet before licking the road clean with my bare tongue cliché that's often espoused by the grey generation. That was it - not really sure what kind of survey would require such randomly bizarre questions but by the next day had concluded it was probably a foreign student who misread the instructions in an assignment - or she may have been a Chinese agent examiningthe populace prior to an invasion - will random people suspect survey questionners of being agents? Has the populace become lazier and therefore more likely to capitulate to an invasion and thirdly, and probably most important, how often will we be able to get haircuts when we do invade. the .
Afterwards headed over to Gordon for lunch stayed for dinner, did some errands on the computer and cajoled permission to throw some washing in the machine. Weekends.
Fucking pda reset itself - lost all contacts and all settings
Asian woman approached me in Glebe. Three questions? What did you notice about me? When was the last time you had a haircut? Do the people of today work as hard as the people of 50 years ago?
Ate well
Spoke to an evil woman
Found a book, lost a book, found a book again

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