Monday, 14 August 2006

Sydney Pancake Quest - Test 1

13 August - I'm hoping that the reason that my work PDA tool isn't working is because it's on the weekend and they shut down the system because otherwise tomorrow's going to start with the frustration of crappy tools. Nothing used to piss me off more than when my Blackberry or radio stuffed up in Vancouver (and for that matter, when my PC stopped working in my previous life that never helped my mood either). Well, there are many things that annoy more than crappy tools but it doesn't please me. Tried out Café Guilia pancakes in the morning - with maple strop and mascarpone, pretty decent but not to be compared to Fets or IHOP - coffee was rather awful, not bad enough to warrant a boycott but not going back there in search of pancakes until i've properly examined the other local options. Had a lovely luncheon out at Coogee with PJ and Kate, joined by the usual crew and Reed from Vancouver - headed out therer on the bike which isn't really that pleasant with the San Francisco style hills but decided that if I can handle the ride back and out of Coogee i'm going to be able to deal with the rest of the seeby-dee.

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