Monday, 21 August 2006

Be very, very quiet ... we're hunting houses.

19 August - Started off the day (besides the inevitable hangover) with house hunting with Sammy and Mike - I hate house hunting, did find a couple of potentials but only time will tell whether they work out or not. Got a little bit lost running around the backstreets of Waterloo and Erskineville - if i'd been working a month I bet I would have had no problems finding my way around but its still early days. Matt and Charlotte came around and we lunched down at the fish markets on the grilled platter from the Fish Market Café (just because it's grilled doesn't make it good - i've had better from there) before we headed back over the bridge where I had the arduous task of feeding Lilith (my old cat) down at M&Ds - wilst there took the opportunity to do a few administrative life details - took forever to work out how to use the washing machine, eventually worked out (was told?) that you have to turn the taps on (why aren't they on all the time?) and as I was escaping bumped into a drunken brother, fresh from best man duties of giving speeches and forgetting the rings who gave me a lift up to the train station where I made the arduous journey back to town.
Rode over to Mikeyville for a duty free vodka night celebrating mike's return from Europe and also headed out to the Stonewall, which hasn’t changed at all in the past year (and really, hasn't seemed to have changed much in 8 years) - bouncers on each floor are just as pushy and irritating as always as are the patrons. Whilst I did miss mike I don't really miss that little strip of the world ...

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