Wednesday, 2 August 2006

Up To Standard?

2 August - Ah, the joys of job hunting - after searching the backstreets of Willoughby for the hard to find main street of Willoughby Road (yes, i've been there before but it's been aways since i've had to get there from Glebe). Had an interview with the fleet manager of Mail Call, Tim, and all seemed to go pretty well until he found out that I was registered for the World Championships - apparently they're panicking that none of the Sydney couriers are going to show up for work on the Friday before and the Monday after. Apparently the photoshoot scheduled for noon on the Friday is going to shut the company down ... Also, my little scaphoid fracture from earlier in the year needs to be cleared by an Australian doctor despite the fact that i've been working on it for months. Had to submit Baby Blue for an inspection (they don't allow fixies) to see that he came up to Australian standards - he needs a rear reflector, front reflector and a bell and nowt to be done despite the fact that I keep my lights on my bag and my 'noise making device' is typically me yelling 'COMING THROUGH ON THE RIGHT!!!' (although over here it's most likely to be on the left). Later in the day, I was warned by a North Sydney bike mechanic that he wasn't the most pleasant of fellows to work with but time will tell on that one ... if I end up working for Mail Call. Earlier in the day after a vigorous game of squash with Robbie was wandering through Pyrmont and saw a familiar redhead in a Mail Call jersey riding past - one of my old Vancouver chums, Reed, a bike mechanic/courier who was always very helpful when it came to helping me adjust Baby Blue's tempramental brake. Good to know someone in the neighbourhood. Dropped by Farrer Place and met a few more couriers who all seemed rather nice - I don't know what Miranda Devine is talking about - they're such nice young men (and girls too)!
Had another reunion, this time with Mr Gregory May, who kindly provided the dinner and me the coffee (i like that kind of division but unfortunately it's probably not going to last) - no shortage of conversation, that particular gentleman, but always interesting so I won't complain (well, maybe a little but nobody reads this blether so nowt to worry about).

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