Monday, 21 August 2006

It's Boycott Day, It's Boycott Day, It's Bo-bo-bo-bo-bo-bo-bo-boycott day!

20 August - First boycott of the home - went to Lavera Café on Glebe Point Road for breakfast with the express wish of getting pancakes and what the f**k do they give me? Crepes! Now I know why the french pronounce them 'crap' - now, I know some people might like eating crepes and what the hell, even I like a nice crepe after i've eaten my fill of pancakes, but if you're going to sell crepes f**king advertise them as crepes and don't get this little boy with a runny nose's hopes up by saying that you sell pancakes. I'm an angry, angry man. Various errands were ignored and I rode over to Coogee to Chez Collins where we went for my first dip in the ocean since my return - a brief immersion was all that was really required to throw off any remnants of my hangover - still very chilly although 'fine ... Once you're in' - did some work on the CV and ate some beautiful fenna and lemon risotto before we went to see Brick at Fox Studios - a bit Bugsy Malone with teenagers playing roles in a film noir that could be much better served with adults if you ask me but halfway decent nonetheless which is something that cannot be said for Fox Studios - from the moment when I unsuccessfully tried to lock up Chevette at the Jamaica Blue café to the disgustingly overpriced candy bar and irritating staff - don't like Fox Studios very much at all. Another boycott perhaps?

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