Friday, 4 August 2006

Little Drummer Boy

3 August - As unproductive a day as could be imagined - spent an age on the in'ernet (having trouble with my 't's again) trying to sort out my paypal account to no avail and had an extremely protracted discussion with Lynn from CTA about a new set of wheels (he's very passionate about his bicycle components and that can only be a good thing when it comes to a bike mechanic). Ate a banana (wouldn't mention such a mundane thing but it's kind of like eating caviar flavoured with abalone and saffron and smeared with truffle and foie gras paste these days). Struggled through a fair few chapters of The Little Drummer Girl, as fascinating as a taut political thriller can be but made slightly more interesting by its heavy references to Israel throwing its weight around in Lebanon, which, as we all know, is happening again with a slightly different cast of characters. Looks like Mail Call is interested in giving me a job although i've told them I can’t really start until next week (current financial situation is making me think I should start ASAP though).
Rode back to Gordon to strip the reflectors and a bell from my old junker MTB, which always seemed like an okay bike before I left Australia but now seems like a piece of crap relative to my slightly higher standards. She did me very well as a commuter bike and without her I would never have got myself into the condition I needed to be get in for my career diversion but when it comes down to it it's nothing more than Taiwenese welded aluminium junk with crappy parts, couldn't even be converted to a single speed if I wanted so I think she'll be living in storage for a ways. Forgot how far it actually is to Gordon and took an age to get back home on Baby Blue - can't say its a bad thing to do the large ride because my legs, bum arms were all very sore when I got home and this can only be a sign of things to come ...

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