Thursday, 17 August 2006

No Falls

16 August - Well, it SEEMS to be getting busier - certainly did a lot more trips today than the past couple but still takes an age in the morning before my first one and there's a lot of 'Standing By'. Confused my operator with some 10 codes and had my first major client stuffup (an express trip sent me to a place that didn’t exist although eventually managed to track down the guy on the street). Did a fair whack of riding and didn’t fall over although did feel a little bit of discomfort from adjusting to the new bike seat (wont go into details on that one suffice to say that it always happens when one spends 8 hours a day on a new bike seat). Have been visiting a few of my old buildings over the past few days but have not really bumped into anybody I know except for the old AAPT receptionist who didn’t recognise me anyway and have passed a few others I know but was just too damn fast for them to see me (if they even remember who I am) - not sure how keen I am to see people from the old life but am sure its bound to happen sooner or later.
Caught up with Mr Templeman the Younger and also Mr Templeman the Senior (and his lovely wife) for a quick beer in the evening and then wasted a key part of the night dealing with a particularly bad tempered and somewhat hypocritical young lout who was being a f**king pain in the arse - am sure there's a lacklustre reason for it but wasn’t too concerned with finding out what it was. Ended up eating a $5 Thai for dinner which was most agreeable and finishing off Simon Singh's 'The Code Book' - a rather capital explanation on the history of cryptography, notwithstanding the author's irritating haircut I found it to be most amusing (and like most pop science books, makes me feel smarter than I probably am).

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