Thursday, 10 August 2006

Still Looking

8 August - Had a very long chat with the fleet manager from Crisis in the morning, discussed various ins and outs of the art of messengering in Sydney and despite being very impressed with the idea of using food as a fuel tax deduction he assured me that he couldn't guarantee me a job but i've a feeling that that could change rather soon if i'm lucky. Did some more tracking down of receipts for things lost overseas and also caught up with my old optometrist, Steve, for a bit of a checkup. Still no development on a cure for keretoconus but never had much hope for that anyway. Apparently there hasn’t been too much deterioration over the past year, or for the past four years for that matter, so it looks like i'll be keeping my corneas for a few more years to come.
Also got a first look at Chevette and am now just waiting for my new girl to arrive - hoping to have her in a day or two but you can never really rely on mail order brides so not holding my breath.
Spent the evening with the fam and afterwards went to the cinema - The Sentinel had all the cliches anyone could want in a fillum - completely implausibly appealing POTUS, made up eastern european rogue states, OTT chase scenes, expert protégé going after expert master, evil looking assassins and a twist that could be seen coming from pretty much the opening scene. Still, I do like a taut political thriller and this was better than most.

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