Sunday, 6 August 2006

Wet and Cold? Just like home ...

4 August - Apparently I looked a little down in the morning to a passing motorist who decided to cheer me up by sending me a text message (???) - it was cold and it was wet, why would anyone have a big goofy smile on their face while they were walking up Glebe Point Road? Well, mayhap the miserable weather might have reminded a certain member of the IC of the glories of a Vancouver winter but it was more likely the glum appearance was just because that member of the IC hadn't had his morning fix of caffeine. Called up Crisis Couriers (again) to see if they'd changed their minds about hiring Novex's number one biker and gave them a tale of woe about another company refusing to hire fixie riders. As Lance Armstrong once said (or his biographer maybe) 'it's not about the bike' but it IS about the bike. one does this job because its enjoyable - riding a fixd gear is a lot of fun and when you invest a hefty sum into purchasing one and then find out that you can't work with it you find yourself asking, 'What's the point?' Because the fixed gear phenom hasn't really hit Sydney (there are quite a few who ride them but it's not endemic like Vancouver, Melbourne, New York, San Fran or ee London) anyone who does ride one has a reputation for being a hard core maniac and anyone who knows me knows that this is a pretty poor description.
In the evening caught up for a few beer with young Reed, my enthusiastic redheaded Canadian chum, always fondly remembered for his cheerfulness in fixing f**king disc brakes when they played up at the worst moment. Discussed the merits of working for Mail Call and just working in Sydney. Afterwards mosied off for the latest reunion with Samira to drink booze and other things bad for my body - the only person who actually made the connection between my leaving date and calculated when i'd be back (one year tickets mean you have to be back within one year ...)

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