Monday, 21 August 2006

Week One ... Done

18 August - A cunning ruse to see whether starting in Glebe makes a difference to early morning business resulted in me clocking on in the CBD (after a big ass sammich) - my idea paid off and I had few things happening as soon as I was on. Friday's supposed to be the good day for work and it was certainly the busiest i've been since starting. Pretty much moving constantly and although there was a little sitting around it was nothing like it had been earlier in the week. Learned a few shortcuts in the CBD of which I was previously unaware and am sure that there are lots more to come. Some dude was drafting me when I was coming back over the harbour bridge - not that there's anythingwrong with that but when I popped out of the ramp and headed left down Fort St he had presumed I was going right and he crashed right into the back of me. I was in a pretty good mood at the time so he got off lightly but next time he better leave a bit of space.
1 Martin Place seems to be the Sydney art gallery and a fair few of the couriers head there after picking up beer at the King St Liqourland - local Sydneysiders would certainly be familiar with them blocking off Martin Place - hung around there for a few hours it seems - various sorts practised wheelies and backwards circles up and down the place between George and Pitt, generally managing to avoid hitting pedestrians but not always. I had a little go on one of the maxibikes which is a rather strange experience - don't really know what the appeal is but apparently it's a highly sought after veeheecle at MailCall. Continued the small binge by headingdown to the Clare (yes, Kate, I was at the Clare) for more beer and pizza (as we lifted the slices out of the box and saw it completely stained by the excess oil Jamie sagely pointed out,'The great thing about being a courier is that you can eat whatever the f**k you want and it doesn't matter - yes Jamie, but what happens when you stop being a courier????), rolled drunkenlyout of the Clar and down to the Rose to meet Angel and Samira for another drink which was really not a good idea - next time i'll know better.

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