Wednesday, 23 August 2006

Live By The Wheelie, Die By The Wheelie

21 August - Turned on my PDA at 10 to 8 but before I could sit around for hour waiting for a trip I was dispatched to the city for a couple of expresses and had a pretty good morning after all. Predictably it all died in the afternoon but still i've a feeling its gettinga little better. Apparently one of the motorbike couriers was showing off by doing wheelies down Castlereagh St and lo and behold he crashed, ending up with one of his pegs going right through his foot - all a bit distressing but if you're going to be an idiot I guess you've got to reap the consequences. After work PJ headed over and we checked out the Cult Movie Night at the Annandale - saw a dodgy episode of the Twilight Zone, a couple of old Australian documentaries on trout fishing and childbirth and then a very amusing dwarfploitation Joan Collins vehicle 'The Devil Inside Her', will have to go there again methinks ...

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