Wednesday, 16 August 2006

Sky Is Falling

15 August - Work seemed to be a little busier today than it was yesterday but there was still far too much sitting around smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee. Had more problems with the data device battery dying on me repeatedly but there was nowt to be done about it - did a couple of sizeable distances including a trip over the bridge to the north side - still having a little bit of trouble navigating the city, most of the time I know where the streets are but the random numbering is still throwing me a bit and on the very few times when i've got a bunch of trips that require some proper routing i'm floundering a bit. Well, this hasn't happened to often thus far and that's not necessarily a good thing. Tried to show off with my masterful dismount in the morning where I unclip and jump off the back of the bike and let it fly out from under me only for me to catch it by the seat - had thought that this was pretty much down pat by now but when I did it in front of a bunch of other couriers my right foot clipped back into the pedal and I had my legs yanked out from under me and I was flat on my back. So much for impressing the locals. Weather was pretty much perfect all day until about four when a flashh hailstorm hit the city - at first it was just a little but within 10m it was like being stoned by fundamentalists - my helmet protected my head but my arms and feet were pocked red with little bruises from the hard ice. It never rained in Vancouver like this. Before I knew it I was riding through massive drifts of crunchy ice, great time to practice skids but a little terrifying especially on the downhills.
Spent the evening looking for some decent breakfast cereal - just when I thought i'd found the perfect breakfast cereal, the Lowan Honey Bran, I up and left the country then when I was over in Canadia I found an even better one - a granola (somewhat similar to muesli but crunchier) that didn’t have any f**king raisins or sultanas in it and I got hooked on that - now, I come back to Sydney to find Honey Bran nowhere to be found and nothing but crappy mueslis packed full of random collections of dried fruit. Have found Crunchola but its got apple in it, which has no place in a breakfast cereal, and it also costs a princes ransom, which makes a bowl of it with decent yoghurt and a banana a very costly endeavour indeed. What's a boy to do?

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