Sunday, 27 August 2006

The Pain! The Pain!

26 August - Wandered through Glebe Markets for the first time since my return - apart from a few new books popping up in the second hand stalls it doesn't seem to have changed at all.  There's a bit of a blank in the middle of the day where i think i might have created a new innovative approach to solving Fermat's Last Theorem but i also may have just read a book and popped some ibuprofen.  Well, it turned out that Chevette's damage was more serious than originally estimated.  Her back wheel was almost wrecked in the crash - three spokes broken and the rim totally warped - David from Cheeky Monkey's opinion was that it was pretty pointless to fix as there'd be no structural integrity and the only real option was to purchase a replacement.  I'd already gotten a quote to get replacement wheels from CTA but that would take at least a week from the time of placing the order so i had no choice but to get him to sell me a replacement on the spot. It's a very decent wheel that i bought but it doesn't have the aesthetic that i wanted so a little bit gray about that.  also, whilst riding home from the shop (very slowly mind you due to my back) what should happen but a f**king flat.  Had to push her home from Abercrombie St and then spent the next few hours trying to patch one of my old tubes - normally it's a fairly straightforward process but sometimes it just doesn't want to work. 
Took in a football game at the Nags Head with Ade and James and had a few pivos before some more muscle relaxant to take away the pain ... the pain, oh, the pain!

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