Tuesday, 1 August 2006

The Immortal Underclass?

1 August - Started the day with a café latte with no foam, more commonly known as a flat white in god's country. Had left my mobile phone at Matt's house the previous night (an absolute arse of a time trying to get in touch with him without a phone, managed a very sketchy conversation via Skype on the PDA) and he very kindly offered to drop it off in the morning. I'd promised him a coffee and, obviously not thinking too highly of my preparedness, he came over with my phone and some coffee grounds and some milk. I know i've not settled n yet but c'mon, a flat white is only two minutes away! Proceeded to get more and more wired throughout the day, first had a coffee with Karen, my old Optus pal now recruiter for Optus - put out a couple of feelers for going back to the horrific world of IT then had another coffee with Paul and Margaret from Gen-I (formally known as TCNZA) - i'm really enjoying this returning from another country thing, everyone buys you a coffee ... However, got a small taste of things to come if I decide to carry on with my latest career move - both times whilst waiting for my friends I was confronted by security guards wanting to know what the f**k I was doing sitting around. Perhaps they were just arseholes or perhaps they didn't like the fact that someone dressed as a messenger was hanging around the entrance but i've a feeling that couriers don't enjoy the warmth and affection of the business community that they do in vancouver (cough cough) - what, i'm not allowed to sit in this chair because i'm a courier? Well, I might be a courier in spirit but i'm not one in actuality right now so i'm going to carry on sitting here you supercilious f**k. Maybe they just didn't like my silly hat. Checked out a few more bikestores looking for just the right wheelset for the next vehicle but none seemed to have exactly what I wanted in obnoxiousness and price. In any event, I may have found my next bicycle - decisions must be made but when I made a few phone calls around the various courier companies in sydney I was told by one of the major hirers of newbies that they won't accept bikers who ride fixies - I don't know what to think about that - it's kind of amusing to think that they have such a bad reputation around town that even the courier companies are scared of them. In any event, i'm sure somethingcan be arranged, after all, I do use a brake. After returning the old car to mum I trained back to glebe anddid more errands before sidelining myself at the refurbished ancient briton where young mr templeman treattd me to a pivo - one beer led to another and before we knew it the lovely owners were feeding us peking duck, roast pigeon (with the head on the plate - one more animal ticked off the list) and some very expensive looking desserts. James and dot (the lovely sommelier (boozehound???) sister of one of the owners) were critical of the dessert's presentation but me and ade were more than happy to inhale them.

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