Monday, 7 August 2006

Ships In The Night

6 August - i've missed triplej, the only ad-free radio in Canadia was CBC which didn’t really play any music at all besides the occasional classical sets, which certainly have their place but i've been becoming more and more cut off from any new music produced over the past year so its good to have it back. Nothing better than being able to listen to music and news (even if both are occasionally a bit grating) without having to change the channel. Getting a slight feeling of unease by the various claims that its only a matter of time before the ABC gives up its anti-ad stance and will suffer the infection of commercials but until that time I can listen to the radio again.
Boys night out was rather sedate but glad to reunite with me old school chums - next time probably in Brisbane. Stil not a vry productive day but managed to push through a pretty significan chunk of John le carre's very dry thiller, little drummer girl, before catching up with Angel and Sandy for crème brulee tea and a little bit of a walk around the backstreets of Glebe. Had a chat with Aletia, a blast from the past from Gordon Public days, someone who I kept on bumping into over the past decade or two before we finally were assured that we did know each other from way back when - got to know each other proper about a month before I left for Canadia last year and unfortunately upon speaking to her on my return today I was disappointed (but happy for her) to find that she was on her way off to Geneva, Switzerland, for a year this very night. So, I guess it's going to be another year before we get to see each other again.
Saw 10 canoes in the evening, not the most exciting Australian film i've ever seen but had if we don't go and see the bad ones they'll never make any good ones. In any event, I guess you could call it a (really, really, really) long slow burn and a half decent way of spending a few hours. And there were 19 canoes in the film so it wasn’t just a clever title.

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