Wednesday, 23 August 2006

The light was green, dammnit!

22 August - Well, it seemed to start with a decent day for the most part. I was in and out of Surry Hills, Chippendale and Pyrmont and was moving pretty constantly for a fair part of the day. Did get a good little run from Darlinghurst and Surry down to Pyrmont via the city. I was hauling some pretty massive folders which I was desperately waiting to get rid of and lanesplitting down Park Street when I came to the Castlereagh cross st - my light was green and the path was clear so I headed across through the backed up traffic when a big silver Rav 4 decided to turn right into the traffic and right into my path. Managed to slow down a bit but didn’t have the time to come to a complete stop and rather than get rammed by the front I found myself smashing into its side. Next thing I know i've been thrown down to the ground and the chunky folders were rammed into the small of my back. The car came to a stop a few metres up the road and I got up, picked up Chevette and stormed over shouting 'That was my green!' at the top of my voice. To give her credit she was very apologetic but kept on saying 'i just didn't see you' - well, that bit was pretty obvious. As I notified dispatch of the accident Jamie rocked up for a dropoff - he very kindly gave me a pill (pretty sure it was legal), sme disinfectant and a plaster for a skinned elbow. Despite being assured the disinfectawould stingterribly I couldn’t feea thing. In fact, it would be a while before i'd feel any pain at all. Awitness approached, saying it was my fault because I was weaving through traffic, conventiently forgetting that it's legal to ride in the middle and it was a f**king green light. Eventually headed off but within half an hour the shock wore off and the pain in my back started to ebb constantly and before I knew it, terribly. Got rid of my pyrmonts and then had to call in - handed of fa return to surry hills and made my way. Directly to RPA emergency. All in all, over three hours before I finallysaw a doctor - the pain slowly gettingworse and worse as my muscles seized up. Well, my uine was free of blood and I was told there was no serious damage but I knew that riding would be out of the question for a few days - especially since it wasn’t only me but chevette who suffered a bit of an injury. Walked home, ate something and smoked a joint (for muscle relaxing and pain distracting purposes of course) then headed out to see Miami vice, which I thought was kind of interesting but a combination of the shock, the drugs and the day's stresses had me struggling to stay awake. can't really say whether I enjoyed it or not because I can hardly remember what happened. Eventually got home and spent three hours tryng to write a 500 word autobiography ... failing miserably.

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