Saturday, 26 August 2006

M**herf**king needles in my m**herf**king back!

25 August - Morningstarted with heading downtown to see Priti, who stuck a bunch of needles in my back and told me a few stretches I should be doing and also got a little suggestion to quit the class (wasnt the firt, won’t be the last). Afterwards headed down to the not so collosal mall of Rhodes to see Snakes on a Plane with EK and Ethan. First time watching a movie in a crying room (couldnt get the cryinggame song out of head) whch probably wasn’t all that necessary (other than to keep Ethan within a 10m radius) as the cinema was completely empty apart from us. Movie was kind of okay, too much CGI, far too obvious that it was a film that couldn’t work out its target rating and obviously a work by committee (a committee of fanboys no less). Despite beingassured at the beginning by the bad guy that all the other options of bringing down a plane had been exhausted I’m still not sure how anyone could think that fillinga plane with snakes is the most effective way of getting someone on the flight. Still, it certainly wasn’t meant to make sense so i'm not going to knock the plot.
Headed home via the monkey and found that Chevette needs more work (the back wheel has three broken spokes and is completely knocked out of alignment), also took some photos of the scene of the crime while in town for what hopefullywill be a pretty amicable solution (although seeming more unlikely). had coffee with matt, beer with ade then went to the clare to meet Kate from London, once a wildchild with pink and red hair, apparntly now a sophisticated corporate brunette - saw some of the couriers, all expressed sympathy for my plight and self righteous anger at the 4 wheeled vehicle, then off to the chinese dumpling place for (you guessed it) where james hooked up then to the civic for beer and cocktails. Nice venue, hasn’t changed very much since the last time I was there but apart from the unisex toilets I was never that enamoured with it in the first place.

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