Friday, 18 August 2006

Stop Showing Off

17 August - More big swathes of sitting around waiting for trips today. I know i'm at the bottom of the ladder but it is getting a little frustrating at times; that said, a few little rushes where I had a bag full of stuff and I pretended that they were all SHTs (when in actual fact, they had ages of times on them) and I had to do some careful routing to get them all off in the right order. Slowly getting on top of the crappy numbering of Sydney streets thanks to my map and the (mostly) helpful couriers who I bump into pretty constantly. The building security is far more intense than Vancouver - a lot of the time i'll go to a building and either be sent out to go to the loading dock underneath or I have to get a temporary I’D to access the floor. One building, Westfield at 100 William, all the couriers have to remove their helmets and leave their bags at the security desk before going up to the suites - I feel naked without my bag and helmet, very disconcerting. Had another fall due to trackstanding at the lights - I could feel myself tipping over and just couldn’t pop out of my clips (i've loosened them as much as they can go but they're a bit rusty and when they don't want to unclip, they just don't). Am pretty sure work is going to get a bit better as time goes on and people ahead of me in the queue start quitting (one thing I know about this industry is that there's a high turnover). Until then, just got to make sure i've got enough reading material to entertain me in the meantime.

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