Sunday, 6 August 2006

You Snooze, You Lose ...

5 August - My plan to surprise me dad by intercepting him at the airport failed when I groggily woke up at quarter past six (his plane touched down at 6:05) and found that i'd misplaced my phone, which had been set for wakeup at 5. Considered panicking but was far too tired to bother and after trying to get in touch with him just jumped on the train back to Gordon for a reunion with much rejoicing (from him at the fact that i'd cut my hair) and wailing (the fact that i'm smoking, my insistence on him calling me by true name, my job prospects, etc ...) - ate some pancakes, went out for luncheon later and then went off to youngMr Gray's house to see AJ, down for a weekend of playing with power tools and seeing the boys. Took a ways to organise the lads but eventually made it to Glebe for pizza and off to Ran'wick for bowling (dodgy lanes that didn’t score properly but Saaaax managed to win the first game with a late in the game double strike recovery and AJ got the second (with onlya 100 points) - smallgoods didn’t manage to salvage a victory at all). Drank some beer and talked about various things which I could write here but then i'd have to kill you (and I really don’t have the time or inclination to wipe out the english reading universe so i'll just leave it be).

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