Sunday, 3 December 2006

I need a virgin

24 november - Before I'd even had a chance to properly embrace the morning my mobile was ringing with Butters on the other end informing me of some expresses out of downtown. Upon arrival everything seemed fine but amongst the haul there was the first of the misaddresed jobs that I got from the day - all sorted out pretty easily but not before a bit of backtracking and painful explanations via the crappy text interface.  The day was pretty smoove although did have to carry an enormous file (one that I wasn’t even supposed to pick up but somehow found it in my bag after a security guard sent me to wrong pickup place) all over town (up to Central where I got locked in a carpark and a circuitous route over the bridge) - even when I got to North Sydney with it of course it had to be last thing I was able to drop.  Apparently I havent sacrificed enough virgins to the courier gods to satisfy them (I thought being an atheist would mean I wouldn’t have to worry about them too much). At the end of the day was offered a huge paying Bridge-City-Edgecliff run but it was taken away before I had a chance to accept - Indian givers (is it only racist if you say that in the USA?) - either way, was happy to have a beer by that stage and there was a Critical Mass ride across the harbour bridge which a few of the couriers were planning on doing (never really went in for the whole critical mass experience but the occasional special one like this can be quite a time). Reasonably enjoyable, a fair bit of showing off by the various couriers, near the end of the bridge where it came onto the highway a little boy rode right in front of me and, unable to stop, I found myself with the option of either bailing or crashing right into the back of him.  Knowing the response that would have ensued had he been injured (I can't imagine anyone giving too much sympathy to a courier hitting a child) I took the former option. Not really sure what I did but I think I jumped over the handlebars and landed on my feet and somehow managed to catch Chevette before she hit the ground too hard. Either way, a brilliant save with minimal loss of dignity and kin.  Very annoying though, even if you are a child, look where you're f**king going.
Tonight was also poker night being hosted at Nick's very nice Surry Hills place - few little hiccups to starting the night, namely being Rowan's extreme intoxication upon the time of arrival which resulted in loss of poker chips and even the cards but despite this minor setback some very enjoyable gambling was embraced by the rest of us. Ade brought cards and we used matches for chips (counting them seemed to be a bit beyond my Scottish friend's capacities and there was a fair bit of accusation coming from that side of the table) - despite not winning anything it was not an expensive loss and I did get a slight kick of satisfaction by calling the Scot's bluff in the first round of the second game and wiping him completely out of the game.  Still didn’t stop the obnoxiousness unfortunately.  Also serious contact lens dramas throughout the night. Not good.

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