Sunday, 3 December 2006

C List Celebrity

25 November – Woke up with a hangover from yesterday’s poker shenanigans but I felt better knowing that I would be feeling infinitely better than some of the other players (although Rowan’s expected horrible hangover would probably have been somewhat alleviated by the riches he somehow managed to swindle off the rest of us) and after getting myself together I started to muddle down to café where I mucked around on the the in’nernet for a while.  I’m still trying to work out why I refuse to pay for internet directly but will spend a fortune on caffeinated beverages in order to get it for free (work that one out, Mr Levitt!) - after a while this got a little dull so I made my way down to the new AB for their launch – being a guest of Sydney’s premier marketing and brand manager meant red carpet treatment all the way – I always feel like a C-list celebrity whenever he provides a night of entertainment – free drinks and excellent horse douvrees and being entertained by a bunch of DJ’s who I’ve never actually heard of but James always says their names with such authority that I just know they have to be pretty good.  Not exactly sure what the definition of the C-list is but I have it on authority that A-list means you can carry a film on your own, B-list means everyone knows who you are, D-list means you’ll eventually turn up on a deserted island fighting it out with pantomine stars and C-list, well, that means you must be a good friend of James Templeman.  A very good turnout for the old Ancient Briton, lots of beautiful people wearing their blue plastic  bracelets indicating their VIP status and entitlement to free intoxicants and a bunch of working class schleps supporting my free drinks by purchasing their own.  After we were kicked out by security despite the protests of our host found myself at the Diff’rent Drummer, Glebe’s premier late night drinking hole because it’s Glebe’s only late night drinking hole but couldn’t really last due to inebriation so wandered back to the safety of Redfern (never thought I’d ever say that).

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