Sunday, 3 December 2006

Crimson Tide v The Blue Rangers

30 november – brettski’s mum’s condition had presumably improved enough to allow him to return to the bridge freeing my valiant energy for the core.  Morning was slow but took me down to Belmore Park where I watched the industrial relations reform protesters voicing their disapproval at the laws that are to come (or have they arrived yet?) - certainly I share many of their concerns but, to me, I don’t see the law reforms as being inherently bad, it is always up to the employer to act ethically towards their employees and a lot of employers are good and a lot of employers are bad and these reforms are not going to change that at all.  It’s also seemingly impossible to organise couriers to do anything for their own good – far too transient a workforce to unite to do anything – especially when they are some of the worst treated employees (or independent contractors as many of them are forced to be identified as) in all of the industries (there are notable exceptions).  Great when I eventually returned to the core ahead of the rally – all of the streets were blocked off and were empty of cars (and not too many people either) and we could just ride through the city at breakneck speed, always taking the shortest lines regardless of direction signs or lights – had a mini rush through these incredible conditions but also, eventually found myself trying to take my normal route the Rocks to Farrer and was stopped dead by the protest rally’s congregation.  On and off throughout the day – found a new wifi point again (every time I find a good open one another gets cut off, becomes inaccessible either physically by an extended distance or electronically by a password or it justs fades away into nothing.  Hoping this latest one (in 370 Pitt St, presumably one of the cafes) will last for more than a few days – the Netgear by Gloria Jean’s near Central is there but he doesn’t want to give me a DHCP server (which I honestly don’t really know what it is).  After work a game of tennis was planned – was basically a ring-in because a fourth was needed and my friends know that I am fighting the theme of the ‘Summer of Tennis’ which Kate is brutally trying to get me to sign on to.  The Crimson Tide handily defeated the Blue Rangers but that was because the Lone Ranger hadn’t played tennis in quite some time and was steadfastly refusing to do anything that would aggravate his latest sprains – next time the Tide will turn, if you will.  

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