Sunday, 3 December 2006

Death Toll

22 November - the snooze button was too tempting in the morning and i found myself with only 15m to get dressed, make my luncheon and breakfast and get on downtown for the first pick of the day.  Disgustingly hot and muggy, with so much crap in the air it felt like i was in Bangkok - not a very pleasant day to be riding around in although whenever the occasional receptionist or elevator drone said, 'oh, this is a bad day to be a courier' i had to make the inevitable reply, 'every day is a great day to be a courier!' - but they were right.  Triple's answer to that one seems to be 'Yeah, look at my tan, bitch!' - unfortunately that tan happens to cut off at the sleeves and knees but it sure is one heck of a tan.  Never really that busy throughout the day although a few moments of tension, especially when i left some plane tickets on the counter and only realised when i got to the destination. tried to get back there in time before anyone realised but i was just approaching the original pickup address when i got the call, 'Did you leave some tickets behind?', yes, yes, yes ...  sorting it out now.  Late in the afternoon Toll's online system went down across the entire country (probably because they're still using TCNZA or its current derivative to FM all their telco stuff) and everything seemed to grind to a halt.  Swapped a cigarette for some pastry goods with Marcello from Palms which seems like a pretty good deal to me.  Martin Place was like a concentration camp at the end of the day - exhausted bodies sprawling over the steps, muttering jokes to each other but completely drained of any life or energy, it took a great deal of willpower to muster myself to get on the bike and head home.

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