Sunday, 3 December 2006

A Blind Fool

 27 November – Started by dropping off a reattempt for 550 Shifty that he’d given me on Friday evening and had a couple of P1s (the Toll equivalent of the XXX, SHT, Direct, Aggressive or whatever other silly name the company gives to imply urgency) to keep me going for a little while but hardly any work going throughout the entire day.  A couple of bridge runs throughout the day meant a bit of riding but I think I almost had more ‘Futiles’ and cancelled jobs than I had real ones.  Lack of work isn’t necessarily that bad but it prompted an excess of cigarettes and coffee which brought on a rather nasty headache that never really went away.  One good event in the afternoon came from an impromptu appointment with my optometrist, Steve.  The contact lens problems I’ve been having for the past week have been terribly annoying and a little bit scary – I’ve thought that perhaps the mutation of the cornea had kicked off another step and I might need to get new ones, or worse, grafts. However, after a cursory examination I was told that radical action needed to be taken. Option 1 was surgery to exchange the corneas between my left and right eyes and Option 2 was to swap the lenses over.  For some reason I’ve been wearing them on the wrong eyes for the past week and when I switched them over everything was all good.  I’d just been a fool (a blind fool).  Can’t really understand how I could have forgotten which colour was for the left or right – maybe my colour perception is fading as well.  Previously whenever the lenses were in the wrong eye I couldn’t see very well at all but I was seeing fine – until the lenses popped out of me eye at inopportune moments.  Doesn’t really matter now, I can see again and that’s fine by me.  Also going to have to rethink doing ‘low fives’ when passing random couriers on the harbour bridge – Kristian almost took my arm off in the afternoon.  Ouch.  

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