Sunday, 3 December 2006

Hot Hot Heat

28 November – Bridge boy again today as Brettski was otherwise detained – only a few journeys over but it did mean moving pretty consistently which is what one wants to do.  Toll seems to have a very different attitude towards what a courier is actually supposed to do compared to Crisis – very big on rejecting things that are too big and upgrades are a lot more painful than the previous place.  In any event, the day seemed to be quite good.  However, when it’s 35 degrees C you might be forgiven for wanting a quiet day.  I bet when its raining tomorrow all the work will disappear. Afterwards went to see ‘The Prestige’, a capital film which seems to be like a thinly disguised biography of Jean Claude Van Damme’s life – wonder how it will go down in the states with its denunciation of GE founder and inventor extraordinaire, Thomas Edison.  Nothing else of any real excitement happened, at least I don’t think and I’m not going to extend this post by pretending that it did.

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