Tuesday, 13 June 2006


12 June - Shook myself out of bed at the ungodly hour of 5am in order to get down to Continental Coffee to watch the much ballyhooed Australia v Japan fitba match. Turned out it started half an hour after advertised so I rode up and down the street looking for a place that would sell me a coffee ('I NEED a cappucino!') and eventually settled for the guy from the bar making me one of the worst cafĂ© lattes i've ever experienced (he seemed very hesitant to make it in the first place and I realised why after my first sip). Was joined by ex-housemate, Chad, the bartender, one Canadian guy and a Japanese lad who silently slunk out shortly after the second half began (obviously terrified of my wrath at the expected but not eventually realised result). Would have to say it was one of the most exciting games i've ever watched - always good to see home country win at a game I actuallykind of understand and occasionally enjoy watching - but to have the game go from almost certain defeat to total obliterating victory in about eight minutes was very thrilling. Ozzie Marcus and me were most happy as were most of the couriers about the result (although most of them seemed more pleased about the US defeat than anything else). The euphoria of the morning soon wore off after the steady, energy sapping heat and even though it felt like I rode constantly all day I really didn’t feel like I was movingaround very much at all. Had a near miss when chasing a light at Georgia-Burrard (often hit the orange here because its linked to the Georgia-Hornby intersection and that's where our second home of 885 is locattd) and a jaywalker ran out on his red which caused jeff, one of the dynamex guys, to stop and turn around right in front of me. Managed to slow down enough to weave through them but not before stuttering shouted warnings and swear words to both of them. After work met a potential tatoo artist from the funhouse on 14th and cambie but really didn’t like the cut of his jib so will have to find another one (time is runningout and I don't think Sean from tattoo next is ever going to get back to me - probably a sign that it's not going to happen there). Got a flat on the way home from work, watched a documentary about Deep throat (the porn film not Mark felt - although I think mr felt's story would have been more arousing) and stayed up way beyond my bedtime.

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