Monday, 5 June 2006

Riding, Eating, Riding, Eating ...

4 June - Had hoped to go down to see Shadow push a pram for 5k but despite my alarm going off after 4 hours sleep there was no way I was getting out of bed. Pulled myself out much later and took Celeste down to Dream Cycles where I got Darren, one of the nicer mechanics in Vancouver (and apparently the best maker of hand built wheels in the city, at least according to him) to put a brake on her. A bike without brakes does look very nice but it's probably not terribly practical, especially when I plan on working fixed gear for the first time on Monday. Had a late breakfast with Kristl and Becky (who had broken two knuckles on Friday after getting into a fight with a phone box) and rode around the south side for a little while, trying to get the feel of Celeste's mannerisms and basically building up enough confidence to go downhill (which I expect i'll be doingquite a bit of on Monday). There's a bit of a blank in the afternoon - i'm sre I did something but I can’t remember what - after that, I headed down to the west end for a dinner party at Brenda's - I haven't seen her for quite some time - occasionallybump into each other downtown when i'm in a rush but it was nice to catch up with particular troupe. None of thm ar very good at returningphone calls and tentative plans usually remain very tentative but its always the best eating I ever have when i'm in the city and she buys really expensive wine so I can't complain about that.

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