Monday, 12 June 2006

Beer and Pancakes

10 June - Slept like Croesus after my exhausting previous day (i presume rich people don't have too much trouble sleeping at night but that's probably a bit of a false generalisation) before waking up and going for a ride out to Burnaby for another search for an IHOP. DIdn’t like the directions that google maps gave me (really designed for someone in an automobile) so took my own way - got a little bit lost but veered towards what I thought was the general direction (south east - a bit hard to work out when you don't have the mountains for a reference point and all the streets are curved). Rode along the highway, which is not exactly comfortable riding on a track bike, befoe plopping out at Kingsway not three blocks from my planned destination. The IHOP in Canada is not nearly as good as its American counterpart but certainly satisfied my appetite (they don’t have the heated maple syrup and the pancakes are basically inferior). Rode back and did various errands around the Drive, watched a bit of the fitba' and later met up with Kristl for some beer at Tobys - its a fair establishment but we soon concluded that there would be far better places to drink beer on such a nice evening so we grabbed a sixpack of budweiser (an underrated beer by most of the international community I believe) and rode down to Kitsilano Beach. THe shoreline is not exactly well lit but very tranquil setting, especially when there's nobody throwing up down the road. Time got away and ended up havinga very late night ride home which is lots of fun - roads are well lit but mostly empty so you can literally go as fast as you can peddle. Good times.

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