Friday, 30 June 2006

Everything Is Late Day

29 June - It was a Thursday, I never quite could get a figure on Thursday - you've been working all week so you presume its just got to be the end of the week but it's also not so long since the weekend that you feel that it should almost be over. I'd hoped to have a nice relaxing day enjoying the sun but not five minutes after I clocked on that it started and didn’t let off until the day was done - Duncan is still off and Rad has officially terminated his career with Novex and now that we're approaching end of month and end of quarter so everyone is scrabbling around trying to get their little bills and cheques and contracts to each other the work is just piling up. It feels like its as busy as it was in winter, and I tell you, much more enjoyable to be hussling in sun than the icy rain. KPMG was pumping outs superhots all day - every time I went to pick a couple up (all of them late) there was a new pile of them for all over Vancouver, a veritable juice factory! a couple of times I had lock my bike up and just carry boxes a few blocks up (that is not something I like to do ever, there's a reason why i'm a BIKE messenger) but most of the time I as just riding around the core and the west end as fast as I could go. Not once was I clear, the one time I thought I was and I bought myself a coffee I synchronised to find half a dozen new trips on me. At least I was being routed pretty well for the most part - I'm not sure how the other guys fared although they were all pretty pleased with their days after it was all over (except Casey, but he rarely seems happy). The hits keep on coming with Legs having a spill on Granville St, going over sand near a construction site. I saw my life flash before my eyes when I ran an orange light at Hornby and Pender and a triggerhappy car ran his red and screeched just as I swerved out of the way. All in all, tripwise nowhere near my best number but might have cracked my record for my daily total and that can't be a bad thing. After work went over to Larnie and marcus's for tacos and to listen to them argue as to whether Marcus was allowed to buy a racing helmet or not and also got a glimpse, through Larnie, of the bizarre world that lies inside call centres. The frontline troops of the corporate world are surely call centre workers - pumped full of corporate propaganda, hired and fired by the stat reports and willing to climb all over eachother for the most petty promotional title - it just makes me shudder that I helped build these things once.

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