Friday, 30 June 2006

Is it Pancake Day, Pancake Day, Pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa Pancake Day Again?

28 June - As Bike Month comes to a close the people of BEST (Better Environmentally Sound Transportation) gave a free pancake breakfast at 200 Granville to all those who commuted by bicycle to work (and a bunch of other sponges who just worked in the building). Not the best pancakes i've ever eaten but not bad and a rather nice cinnamon scroll to give a good sugar rush. Didn't really agree with me a few hour later when I was rushing SHTs over the side and carrying a ten pound brick from the east end to the west (two envelopes, two pounds - yeah right, you f**king cheapskate lying receptionist! - misrepresentating trips is the same as stealing from a courier if you ask me). Fairly hectic day despite a reasonably full complement of bikers (obviously not Duncan and Kevin went home early because of his sore shoulder) - only a tiny 10m coffee break at 2 and the rest was just hussling uptown, downtown and over the side. The whole mortality thing has been brought up again with a huge swathe of destruction having pummelled the ranks of the Vancouver messenger set - apart from Duncan being hit by a car yesterday in the past week there's been Vanessa from VIP crashing her bike, been off since, Darryl from Corporate and Paul from VIP both wiped out after riding home drunk out of their skulls - Paul's still off with a bad ankle and Darryl had a concussion and has just been walkingfor a few days, even darling little Kristl had a slideout and sprained her wrist, bumped into her walking into 111 Dunsmuir, was about to tell her off for not wearing a helmet but realised she wasn't even wearing her bike. After work Gary was showing off, doingtricks with someone else's bike and jumped over a wall and then had to force a crash to avoid hitting a baby in a pram - I don't know about this world, it's actually really f**king dangerous. In any event, made it home in one piece although very tired - went out for a pretty average (but very cheap) curry with Charles, my housebound Thai housemate then returned home to vegetate in front of Ong-Bak, one of the most amazingmartial arts extravaganza's ever filmed, despite having the most clit-cheed ridiculous story since Enter the Fist.

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