Tuesday, 27 June 2006

Brain might still be working ...

25 June - Finally, finally, finally got a chance to sleep in - had wanted to wake up to see the England fitba match in the morning but a little visit out to the beach last night with Kristl and co meant no early night for me and the past week of struggling on five or six hours of sleep meant that was just not going to happen. DIdn’t bother setting my alarm and roused myself around 11am. Visited the apparently famous Elbow Room in downtown for breakfast - the place is famous for its pancakes (which I didn’t eat for a change) and its rude waiters and then went out to see a vintage bike swap that really wasn’t very interesting at all. The heat was pretty powerful all day, especially upstain the house, and it completely sapped me - did go for a bit of a ride down to the beach for some fishnchips and a slurpee but can’t say that I did anything productive. Reading a rather awful scifi book given to me by young Mat. the last book I read, Martin Amis' the Information, was such a struggle - for some reason I could barely get through a few pages a night, I was paranoid that my brain had atrophied from whatever it is that I do to it, it seems it mustnt be that bad because this one i'm just racing through - then again, despite Hyperion's Nova award status it is a bit like teen fiction so I shouldn’t be too elated by my progress.

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