Sunday, 11 June 2006

Courier Warming

9 June - After yesterday's visit from the rain gods I was determined not to get caught out again so dug out my winter tights to combat the wet (they're not waterproof but they make the misery slightly more bearable). Not to be outstmarted by the likes of me nature just turned her taps off and even though it wasn’t hot it was pretty humid and with me bundled up in layers and riding from one end of the city to the other (went out to Commercial Drive, near my house, twice - countingthe commute into work that meant three round trips which is far too much riding on a Friday). However, despite the conditions it reallywas a pretty good day - we've got a new dispatcher (temporary? Perhaps, they never tell us anything at this place) who did some pretty slick routing and at least seemed to keep me busier throughout the day than Scott did. I don’t know they decide how they divvy up the work - but it seems that I got juiced which makes me feel a little better. Also, apparently Ryan, one of the new guys who rides a little BMX around, was fired - he wasn't too happy about it, especially when he pressed for a reason - 'it's just not working out' was given and no elaboration would be given. I don’t think it will really make a hell of a lot difference to us because he wasn’t doing too much but there does have to be a little bit of rationalisation after there hiring binge . After work a whole bunch of the Novex guys went down to Tinseltown where we saw 'An Inconvenient Truth' - very entertaining, nothing terribly new about the whole global warming issue but a very good insight into the inspiration of 'Love Story' - five sweaty couriers just off work also have a tendency to create some global warming of their own and I don’t envy the people in the cinema who had to sit next to us. Did get irirritattd by the 'simple things you can do to help with global warming' at the end - bu yan electric car, buy more energy efficient appliances - if anything, there needs to be draconian measures to combat the problem - walk or ride a bike, do without the appliances altogether, buy an extra blanket or warmer clothes - if people don’t voluntarily drtically bpull back on the amount of energy AND resources they use then it will just have to be rationed - I think its better to acclimatise to using less now when energy is still relatively cheap and plentiful so its won’t be such a shock to the system when the inevitable CO2 pollution and energy scarcity force the rationing to happen.
Was pretty tired when I eventuallygot home but went out to meet Julie and a couple of crazy Australian guys in a west end club - maybe it was the joint I smoked when I got home or maybe it was the fact hat i'd ridden about 100k that day but I was out of it - and maybe i'm just getting too old for cheesy top 40 nightclubs anyway - should have passed out many hour before I did.

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