Wednesday, 21 June 2006

I need a cappucino!

20 June - Exhausting day - got in, had a coffee at 8 and then basically rode for the rest of the day (not even a midafternoon coffee break and I barly had time to eat my crushed pitas, even while using elevator time). Nothing exciting - just working. We were down a few bikers today, Novex just doesn't seem to know how to keep them - Rad just didn’t bother showing up and when I bumped into him downtown he indicattd that he probably wouldn’t be turning up tomorrow (Do you think they'll fire me??? Uh, yeah, probably!!!), I suppose I shouldn’t complain because we were overstaffed but I’d kind of enjoyed the idea of relaxing for a while and this is like it was in winter but in the heat (I guess there's no pleasingsome people). A few irritating moments included a ransom of 6 driver HOTs out at 555 Great Northern that weren't ready when I got there and were also far too big to be carried by a biker - always irritating to go to a pickup to find its untakeable but it was a f**king long way to go and I was completely overloaded at the time. Also, picked up from an architect and they asked me to take a letter downtowthat they claimed was supposed to be picked up by Novex, dispatcher mistook it for somethingelse and told me to take it - went twenty blocks east before I was told that it wasn’t for us and that I had to take it back - took it back and the receptionist laughed at the misunderstanding and I gave her a what for. I wasn't rude (i'm never rude) but I was very curt - its all well and good that mistakes happen but that doest mean I can’t be mightily pissed off when they do. Apparently, a bike thief was caught in Simon's bike shop today and had his thumbs broken by the owner of the bike while everyone stood back in horror - i'd obviously never sympathise with a bike thief but violence like that never solves anything. My ex-housemate, mark, was having his birthday party tonight and i'd said I was going to come but passing out at 10pm sounded like a far more viable option.

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