Thursday, 15 June 2006

I became a bike messenger to avoid staff meetings ...

14 June - Still grey but didn’t rain although muggy and humid for most of the day which isn’t terribly comfortable. I wore my big shorts because they come down beyond the knee when i'm standing and I could cover up most of my torn flesh from all the lovely receptionists however have decided that the shorts have got to go - they're several sizes too big but they were on sale and bike shorts are expensive so I thought they might work if I tightened in the adjustable side straps but they bunch up far too much and they're always falling down and when I hitch them up the velcro fastener bursts open - its just not working. Ill have to find a fat courier to give them to (believe you me, there are a few of them). An okay day although it wasn’t very busy - did find myself a little treasure trove when I went to pick up an overnight job from Spruce St and found a kings ransom of overnight deliveries, 9 in all, that the dispatcher had no idea about (although seeing my total at the end of the day led me to believe that without them I would have had an awful day). Note to people using elevators - if you are waitingfor an elevator with a messenger and you want to crowd the elevator and be the first one in as soon as the door opens you better have the f**king nerve to throw your arm in to prevent the doors from closing you wishy washy reprobates. Leg hurt a little bit throughout the day, especially when it got sweaty and rubbed up against my shorts but no real damage appears to be done. I was closed off at 4:20 today (which is always annoying because I've always worked the full day) and I had to kill forty minutes before we had our first staff meeting in four or five months -went to the park to have a beer but found ourselves surrounded by cops because there was a police chief's convention in the hotel across the road (really) I really didn’t think the police were too concerned wih couriers drinking in public when they had more pressingsecurity matters at hand so I didn’t pay them much mind - however, one however was warned against drinking by a couple of the moist ardent alcoholics and was eve nsnapped at by some random who said 'Put your beer away! I don’t want to you to bring the heat down on me!' - with some of these couriers and their random backgrounds their paranoia can be justified. Eventually got away and headed down to 555 Hastings for our meeting - most of the couriers turned up but Cheryl Willis, fleet coordinator and financial controller respectively, were half an hour late and the meetingstretched on for a bit (and I had to return some videotapes to Mr 'Tomorrow By Six') - we went over the same things we went over at the last meeting and i've no confidence that anything can be changed - although did find out a few tidbits of pricing policy that might be useful when there ar more inevitable customer f**kups in the future. There had been a discrepency with my commission rate and I found out that I wasn’t being underpaid which I suppose is a good thing although if I had been I might have had a healthy cheque comingmy way so I guess i'm disappointed. Rode home, no crashes, yay - lent an allen key to one of the mechanics from 'Bikes on the drive', a shop that i've actually boycotted because they wouldn't sell me cleats 10m before they were open on a saturday morning although I did relax the boycott slightly yesterday when I needed an emergency set of handlebars (they didn’t have what I wanted luckily) ... I have a point here, yes, on early Monday evening another random guy stopped me at the exact spot and asked to borrow an allen key as well. Tres weird. Ate some very good takeway italian for dinner, watched a new episode of South park and smoked a little fatty - good times, aye.

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