Thursday, 8 June 2006

The Day Of The Beast

6/6/6 - Maybe it was due to it being Satan's day on Earth but I woke up with a crick in the neck and a bad attitude. More physio - despite not having a booking I turned up and was given the usual battery of exercises and stretches - wrist still hurts some but the range of motion is getting a lot better and that's the real important thing (not that I want to endure a lifetime of pain but that's preferable to the pain of having less function). There's still heaps of sitting around while we wait for Scott to deign us worthy of being issued trips although when there is movement the distances can be ridiculous. The bikers at Novex go further out than any of the other companies - this is great, car trips pay well - but traipsing halfway to the airport for one trip is not worth the trouble - the amount earned isn’t enough to cover the calories burned ... Also, for some reason my routingwas all over the place today - I went to a bunch of streets i'd never even heard of, was given the wrong instruction by Scott on a few occasions, tried to predict his intentions and failed, and on more than one occasion just made stupid mistakes that involved a lot of backtracking. Losing time doesn't really matter at tmoment because it's so quiet that nobody is ever stressed out about delivery times - I really miss the days when it was a real challenge - mentally and physically to get everything done. No more complaining. The sun is still shining which is great - it never gets terribly hot although some of my companions complain a little - I just laugh and pretend that i'm at home.
By the way - 'What The F**k Do We Know' is more than just a docudrama about quantum physics - it's a bring docudrama about quantum physics.

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