Sunday, 4 June 2006

Time Travel

1 June - Had another one of my sesh's at St Pauls with Kelly. Everything seemed to feel a lot better than it did on Tuesday (apparntly the traction in my wrist was playing up a bit but all's well now apparntly). Had to do tricep pushdowns and bicep curls - first time since Broadway Gym in Sydney - and I was crap at them. Despite honing the guns on the bike it's just not the same and I could barly do a fraction of the weight that I used to do - not that I really care, unless I have to lift a piano that's crushing someone's pet cat with a bicep curl I can't see that paricular skill being useful in the future. Upon leaving physio it turned out that the blackberry network was down - something that hasn't happened for a while and we time travelled back to a world with no pagers or blackberries where everythinghad to be done over the radio - 80s style! Yeah! I put my hair into a flock of seagulls style and cranked up Huey Lewis and was off. Eventually the system came back online which was far more preferable and it even got pretty busy for a while. So busy in fact that I almost had a late .... almost. It rained a bit so I got to test out the awesome water protection qualities of my new bag and the Space Pen (well, wasn't really tested but I could pretend) and in the latter part of the afternoon there was incredible gridlock on the east side of the core - completely bumper to bumper which meant it was hard for even me to get through the traffic. Still, I get a thrill when I see cars backed up for miles and I canjust coast through (see you in hell, candy boys!!!)
Got a couple of deevy dees after work - Freedomland - a bit too much 'i'd like to thank the academy' shouting, interesting premise, but really, when it comes down to it, the one thing that stuck out in it were Samuel L Jackson's awesome clip in the middle glasses - when one of the props is the best thing in a movie it's generally not a good sign. Also saw 'Slap Shot', because i'm in Canada and i'm still trying to get the whole hockey thing - kind of amusing but i'm not reallysure what the message was - next week the Stanley Cup starts and Canadia (Edmonton) is pitting itself against America (Carolina) in a grudge match that has both nations baying for blood ... Apparently. Well, I might watch one of the games in a pub but that doesn't mean i'll like it.

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