Monday, 12 June 2006

... more cycling ...

11 June - Last night's unexpected late (and slightly intoxicated) return meant a little chunk of the day was lost but got out of the house eventually - did some grocery shopping, vegemite is still eluding me, apparently Kraft has given up on trying to sell it in this country, even Cobs (the Bakers Delight brand over here) apparently is having trouble getting it into the country and being a normal corporate citizen they're being very selfish in not letting any of the other real Australian citizens having any (unless they're prepared to pay $2 for a smear of it surrounded by cheese and bread pastry). Rode downtown to meet Jason for a coffee then over to the south side to meet Kristl for a movie. Bumped into her trying to offload one of her overnight trips to the MEC store only to realise that it had to go to the main office down the road (which wasn’t opened). Saw my first 'Omnimax' movie, 'Wired To Win' - kind of like an Imax movie but usinga fish bowl projector that completely fills the field of vision. The movie was all about how the human brain works to enable pro athletes to go beyond the apparent limits of their bodies and it used the tour de france as the model - a couple of interesting factoids and some pretty irritating CGI modelling of brain functions but the footage of the tour was incredible. I really only watch snippets of the tour de france because I feel i'm obliged to - in a manner of speaking i'm also a professional cyclist of sorts, albeit a much more badly paid one - it's interesting to see the almost superhuman endurance of the cyclists and one can even pick up a few tidbits on better cycling technique but watching it on the enormous full field of vision screen was pretty incredible. We were so inspired that we went for a ride afterwards (not hard considering we rode to the cinema in the first place - it was kind of embarressing wearing cycling gear in the theatre - it looked like we were dressing up to go the movie) and then I went home and saw X-Men III at the east van cinema. not really much to say about that one other than its not one of the standouts of the latest slew of comic book movies. There's only one that i'm reallyexcited about at the moment and he returns at the end of june.

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