Monday, 5 June 2006

No Bird Flies Too High If He Flies On His Own Wings

2 June - Last night's movies resulted in not enough sleep so it took me a while to wake up properly - it was pretty busy early on but I ended up doing a ridiculous amount of ridingfor one or two trips at a time. Everythingwas humming along quite nicely until Scott asked me if i wanted a break - it was around quarter to two and I thought it would be a fine thingto have a break. Little did I know that the break would pretty much last the rest of the day. I did a total of four trips for the rest of the day. ANd, everyone else around me still seemed to be working. I started to wonder what was going on? I had my suspicions but it wasn't until the day was over and a few of us headed down to the Cambie (Jason included - I bought the teetotalling bastad a coke) where we were later joined by Scott. He clipped my wings! When he realised that my total was so far ahead of the other bikers he just cut me off. Now, i'm all for sharing out the work but that doesn't mean just stopping the work because i've had a good morning. If he was so determined to stop giving me work for the rest of the day he should have just said, right sax, you've made this much - everyone else is behind, finish early today Evening it out by having me sitting around doesn't help anybody. In any event, despite me being a social libertarian, this is a capitalist country and we don't need any of that red commie shit in this business ... I'm thinking of calling the Committee for Unamerican Activities to let them know what's going on (if only they still existed and we were in America).

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