Wednesday, 21 June 2006

Robespierre's Day

19 June - Got downtown and drank my morning café latte (made by the surly Emily instead of the usually cheerful Maria) all alone. No one puffing away on an ultralight cigarette and sipping espresso by my side. Well, it had to happen. In one way I’m kind of glad that I won’t be working with Jason for a while - its not just that he's one of the main guys who steals my juice but now that he's gone i'll be able to relax a bit because half the time the only reason I’d work hard during the day was so I’d have the satisfaction of besting him at the end of the day. However, one of the new guys, Jeremy, who worked at Novex last summer and is a bit of a road racer, could be a bit of trouble. He once boasted to me of beingthe top earner in his last stint at Novex and he had a fair few trips recorded in his manifests when I collected them in the afternoon. ... Well, if he wants bust his ass for Novex I can be lazy for a while and try to enjoy the sunshine. Despite some onerous weight that was a bit prolonged throughout the day (one surly suit in an elevator glared at me when I was hiking my overloaded bag higher up told me 'Your bag's too fucking heavy!' - I smiled to thank him for stating the obvious, then he said 'You won't be able to balance on your bike!' I shrugged it off and then went and balanced on my bike) the day was pretty slow and a bit of a cruise. Spent too much on coffee and bread products on the numerous minibreaks but if you have to sit around for a while its nice to do it in the sun. After work went out to the beach with Kristl and a beer and watched the sun for a while - it would have been nice to actually watch the sun set but that would have meant waitingout there until 930 and I was f**kingtired.

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