Monday, 19 June 2006

F**k Cars

18 June - Had the alarm set and was up and atom at Continental Coffee for the start of the aus v brazil match which didn’t have the best result - the fact that half of Commercial Drive were wearing Brasil colours made for me keepingslightly inconspicuous (one exposed Australian sock was all that revealed my patriotism - noone would EVER pickup on the accent). Marcus the flake who stood me up yesterday (probably got wasted in the afternoon) decided to grace me with his and Larni his girlfriend's, company by comingdown to the Commercial Drive Car Free Street Festival (apparently it's not anti-car but you wouldn’t know that from some of the freaknecks who'd set up shop - if anything, it was anti-highway). The whole street, from 1st Ave to Venables, was shut down and it was filled with pretty heavy crowds of people drinking in the street, cyclists proving their worth by trying to weave in amongst the crowds, live music (far too many hippy drums for my liking), average street food, political protesters, beggars (both the professional chuggers and your run of the mill homeless) and other live shows (the Brazilian jujitsu demonstration wouldn’t have been so lively had their been a different football result i'd wager). Bumped into about a dozen other couriers throughout the day and had a few cleansing ales and polluting maryjane with a few - a really hot and bright day for most of it, perfect outdoor festival weather.
Young Mat has moved into the basement apartment downstairs which leaves just me Kevin and Charles - both of them are nice enough but they’re definitely the strangest of the housemates and also, unfortunattly, the least hygienic. Not sure what my schedule is still but while i'm very apprehensive of my evaporating time left in this country i'm not too concerned about leaving this wonderful abode.

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