Friday, 9 June 2006

Learning Experience

7 June - A much better day than yesterday - lots of riding around, often for only one trip bt at least I was moving for most of the day. A couple of extended periods of not doing anything but nothing like yesterday. Celeste is still getting very favourable comments from the locals which is to be expected as she's a bit of a beauty. Did have my first little crash - rolling up towards some lights through a very narrow opening between a car and kerb - normally would coast and really hug the kerb but keep the kerbside foot up so it's over the edge, with the fixed gear the pedal keeps on moving so I went a little too close and lost my balance, couldn’t unclip in time so I crashed underneath her - going less than walking pace and slowed the fall by grabbing onto a fire hydrant but two scratches on my knees (good thing I wax because it may have taken a bit more skin with it). Well, if you don't fall you don't learn. Bought my first Canadian slurpee with Kristl and took it to the gallery (didn't kill myself with ice headaches like the one from Austin) before heading back to the drive for a little lesson on chain maintenance by Darren from Dream Cycles (i just came in to borrow a tool and buy some oil but when a mechanic talks its best to listen - its the quickest way to get them to go away and occasionally you might learn something).
One of the numerous little supermarkets on the drive had grits for sale yesterday and as I fondly recalled them from my venture into the south I presumed anyone could cook them so I went ahead and bought some. Despite following a recipe for cooking them off the internet they didn’t cook at all. Very dappointing and I got it into my mind that I reallywanted to eat some grits - normal grits don’t seem to work and no self respectingsoutherner would ... Blah blah blah. What's a man to do?

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