Sunday, 18 June 2006

FW: In Good Favour

15 June - Non stop moving from start to finish today - I was kept in the core in the morning and didn’t have time to catch my breath, from the moment I active-on'd on the Blackberry at 8 until 1 in the afternoon I was never clear. Mostly regs and rushes and the occasional SHT to give it a bit of spice. Had to get a little creative at times (got a few strange looks carrying Celeste on my shoulder through the Sinclair Centre) but that's what a couriers gots to do. I don’t like takinga lunch break when its quiet but I was very glad for the respite when offered a short one at 1 - for lunch I went Jason style, a cup of coffee and a nanaimo bar (thick chocolate on top, sweet cream centre and chocolate cakey thing on bottom) and also some choc chip banana bread for fibre (???) - my body was certainly burning sugar like crazy and it seemed to function reasonably well despite the lack of anything more complex like my usual pita luncheons (which ar very boring without vegemite). After "lunch" was sent over to the side with a measly two trips but found a couple of ransoms and a misaddressed side SHT for which we get to charge twice - after trolling over there for a while I came back to run off the pickups downtown and was inundated with ECOs (overnights) strewn across the downtown core. The strap on my bag got all twisted and I was reallystarting to overload but I knew it was quietening down and I suspected that the dispatcher felt that i'd been given enough favour for that day so the day finished with a bit of a whimper - but, what a day, might have broken my record in earnings (although not for trips, which is what counts when it comes down to it but I did crack the 3rd manifest page for the first time since my return) and after seeing the numbers on some of the biker manifests at the end of the day I think I might be in the dispatcher's favour again. Rick, the current dispatcher, is apparently just doingthe biker channel for a short while in a cross training exercise so they have some redundancy for biker dispatchers - its a lot more difficult to do it with bikers than cars because of the volume and shorter response times) - I’m not looking forward to scott returning to his post, he's a mostly good dispatcher, even if he does think too highly of his skills but he shars work out far too fairly and that's not good for a juicer like me.
Not so wrecked as I might have been when finishingbut still far too tired to actually do anything beyond eating and watching a movie (and typing this missive apparently).

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