Sunday, 25 June 2006

Insert Heading Here

23 June - Pretty easy day at work considerng Casey and Rad were off (not that I think Rad really contributes much to the flow of packages in downtown) but Little Wannabee Juicer Jeremy was on, doing his best to steal all my trips. Glorious sunshine meant the two jersey layers I was wearing was somewhat excessive so I ended up stripping in an elevator to change - unfortunately halfway through the journey between Level 9 and the lobby I was joined by Sketch who was wondering why I was undressing in the elevator. Maybe he concluded I was superman or maybe he thought it was just an Australian thing, I guess he'll never know for sure. Today marked the end of Flowers' last day as a courier for he goes in search of a better paycheque and more benefits in the illustrious career path of becoming a postie. I just hope he doesn't go postal because as nice and easygoing a guy as he is he, to my thinkingat least, could be slightly suscepitible to it. Despite not feeling like I did very much duringthe day ia fair total was had at the end and after meeting Kim the driver I rode down to a new place, Crab Park (at least that's what I was told it was), a nice little green spot down by the waterfront with a view of the biggest cranes in the world at Port Vancouver and the unmissable mountains (viewable from just about everywhere in this city, it must be said). Apparntly, it's where the couriers go after they leave the art gallery duringthe summer. Preferable because rather than car fumes there are boat fumes and a slightly smaller police presence. Came home and ate, ate, ate then went over to see Kristl and we rode down to the beach at Spanish Banks where we spent an hour and missed the sunset trying to find Julie and Lao (a brazillian hippie who seemed like a reasonably upstandingfellow - kind of hard to understand a word he was saying though). Had a few pivos then began the rather excruciating journey back home - far too much riding during the day to enjoy the steep downhills and rather punishing climbs to get back home. Also, Celeste's chain is a little bit loose at the moment (this is not due to her loose morals but simply something that happens after riding her around all day), a rushed adjustment ended up twistingthe wheel a bit too far to the right so the chain kept on clicking - because I built her (with a fair amount of help from others) it means no warranty so fixing her either involves payingsomeone or doing it myself (which is a better proposition because i'm a cheap bastard and i've got to learn how to do it sometime).

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