Tuesday, 27 June 2006

And it ends ...

26 July - Really warm all day today - not so much that I was melting but really kind of pleasant unless I was hauling ass, which really wasn’t too much of the time. Started the day with only a few trips as I wanted to watch the World Cup game and, well, perhaps I really shouldn't have. Actually, that's complete trash - once again, a really exciting game for me .. I might not know anything about sport but Australia was completely dominating the game (at least in the second half) and it was just really bad luck for them to lose it in the final seconds like that. That said, the fact that despite having possession for most of the second half they were unable to score against the Azzuri means that maybe given another 30m they wouldn't have been able to score anyway. So ends Australia's little odyssey at the World Cup - I'm going for England (Eng-er-land!) now.
Spent a fair amount of time sitting around in the afternoon - just not that much on and despite Rad continuing his strike and Jason setting off on his transCanada journey we had a pretty full complement of bikers, little Jeremy the racer, Ben the strange torontonian, Alex the Artist, Reno The Personal Trainer, Casey the Bold, Kevin the Alcoholic (making his debut after five or six weeks of time off from injury) and Duncan the ... Duncan. This meant way too much coffee and way too many ... and far too much contemplating of the football game (i don't even like sport, I reallyshouldn't be doing this). The fact that there were dozens of cars drivingaround town tooting their horns and waving italian flags didn't help - yelling 'Bastardo' at them and cutting them off did though. Returned home to find a most excellent care package of two toothpaste tubes of vegemite - should probably even see me through my time in Canada and I can stop getting my fix from substandard cheesymite scrolls from Cobs (they just don't put enough cheese or vegemite on them - give me a North Sydney Trainstation creation anyday). Also made a bit of an expensive transaction but one that just had to be done.
After I got home went for dinner over at Lao's, the brazillian fire twirler, with Kristl, Julie and a few other surfing types - very nice Brazilian food, didn't taste like ash in my mouth at all.

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