Monday, 30 July 2007


30 July - Dropped in and out of consciousness on the second leg from Bangkok to London - no contact lenses meant I was denied the hilarity of Blades of Glory on the flight and even pushing my way through to the end of the Memory Keepers Daughter was a struggle (mawkish and nt very satisfying although reading about the struggles of bringing up a child with downs syndrome did have its own slightly terifying relevance). Food on the second leg was rather disappointing - my location in the middle of the plane meant first choices had dried up by the time it got to me and all in all it was pretty awful (the Thais can f**k up food as badly as anyone when it comes to thn long haul flight). Finally touched down in Heathrow and was somewhat relieved to find Chevette and my rucksack had arrived with me; finally got to use my Slovak passport (look at the photo, look at me, come on through p if I had said dyenkuya rather than thank you she would never have known). Took th expensive route into town because I was just too kncakd to negotiat the system and found myself on Matt Radford's doorstep within the hour. Always good to see fambly on the other side of the world, even if it is family I never knew that well *that could change though) and it was only a small operation puttingChevette back together her chain was slightly twisted in the journey and this took a bit of time to get back to normal but other than this slight delay everything slotted together beuatifully and she seemed to have a better trip than I did. Think my packing may have been better thought out but I think i'll be able to suqeeze everything into the main rucksack and it should be sweeet for tomorrow. Managed to get a few hours sleep but was still up at half four - at least i'm awke in thje right timezone - am sure the wall will hit me in the next day or two - lets just hope its not while i'm on the road. Oh well, dublin here we come aye.

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