Monday, 16 July 2007

Exit Strategy

16 July – Today marked return of a certain individual which was to prompt the execution of a long awaited although not long anticipated plan – however, things being as they are – did not manage to completely fulfil expectations.  In any event, two out of three phases completed (initially had a two phase plan) and tomorrow, a day I am really not looking forward to, should mark phase 3.  Still had to keep most of my cards very close to my chest for most of the day but did get some blessed relief post work (this slight respite was marred by an unexplained rear flat tyre).  Also found myself in unexpected (slightly unexpected) possession of an iPod in the afternoon – a fashion elecsessory I’ve managed to avoid for most of its existence.  I’m still not converted but at this price it seemed like a good deal at the time.  Let’s see what happens when I accessorise the accessory though.  Relaxed in the evening before re-watching Infernal Affairs – great film, greater remake.

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